Why choose us?

  • Free diagnostics
  • Free consultation
  • Free collection of order
  • High success rate
  • Express data recovery possible
  • No success, no payment
  • Competitive prices
  • Discounts for students, seniors and disabled people
  • Discounts for business partners

Z praxe

Partnership program

Become our business partner and offer your clients a service of recovering data from storage media.

Who is EXALAB Data Recovery?

We have had experience in data recovery since 2006. In addition to the Czech Republic, we also operate in other European countries, with a special focus on Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium.

Why become an Exalab data recovery partner?

If you decide to expand your portfolio with a data rescue service, then you do not have to invest in technology, manpower, etc. Just establish a business cooperation with us, become our partner and then gain profit from realized orders.

We have been working in the field of data recovery since 2006. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technologies, which are currently available worldwide and our technicians are trained theoretically and practically at a high level.

What we offer:

  • High quality and speed of services, which will save time and cost for you and your customers
  • 3 levels of partnership,
  • Interesting commissions from realized orders
  • Competitive and transparent prices
  • Free collection and delivery of your orders
  • Free marketing support
  • Data Recovery independent of media type or operating system
  • Technical support
  • Serious approach

Exalab data recovery partner program is designed for:

  • Service IT centers
  • IT wholesalers and retailers
  • Hardware vendors and manufacturers
  • Software developers
  • Companies providing storage and related services
  • Companies providing installation, maintenance and servicing of computer networks
  • Companies providing other related services

What we demand:

  • Conclusion of a cooperation agreement
  • Serious approach

Cooperation agreement

If you are interested in becoming an Exalab data recovery partner, please submit the form below and wait for our staff to contact you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Partnership Levels

We have set up 3 levels of partnership where you can choose whether you want to provide data recovery from storage media on your behalf or on our behalf. If you choose the third option, you will become our authorized partner and get extra benefits.

  No IT partner Partner Authorized Partner
Commission Level 5% 10% 20%
Partner’s Website Support according to agreement and focus of the partner’s business -

Content for your website:
-About Data Recovery
-Price List
-Technical support for your site management (Data Recovery)

Partner’s Business Support - - Offer Your Services in a dedicated section at our website
Paid Campaigns - - Exalab launches a paid campaign from time to time to focus on partner’s services and products. The campaign will link to a profile in our dedicated partners section.
Requirements Basic Cooperation Agreement Cooperation Agreement - Cooperation agreement
- Cross-references between the partner’s website and our website
Communication with clients Exalab provides all communication with the client Direct communication with a client is possible if a partner so wishes. Direct communication with the client on behalf of the partner is possible at the partner's request.
Sending data media Directly provided to the client by Exalab Direct sending of recovered data to client is possible only after payment for rescued data. Direct sending of recovered data to client is possible after confirmation by the partner.
Payment Client - Exalab In advance On invoice with due date

Form for those interested in business partnerships

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