Hard drives are still widely used among people. Whether old or new, they are a better choice for data archiving than SSDs. However, compared to SSDs, they have the disadvantage of lower mechanical durability, and if a user employs the disk as the main and sole storage for important data, an unpleasant surprise may occur when one day the disk refuses to communicate with the computer. The cause might be the electronics of the disk, mechanical failure of the disk itself, failure of service data, sometimes just the converter between USB and SATA interfaces of the disk. Diagnosis of this disk was not entirely clear without beginning the work. The failure eventually involved one read head, which no longer communicated correctly and required mechanical intervention into the depths of the data medium.

The Toshiba hard drive, after being removed from the Verbatim plastic case, was successfully initialized, its service data backed up, and then a partial binary copy was created. However, one read head did not allow for the correct reading of the media content, necessitating the replacement of the read heads. This task is definitely not recommended for home environments. Without years of experience, an optimal environment, and expensive technology, a home tinkerer would only achieve irreversible damage to the disk. If the data is valuable to the user, they should always entrust the care of the damaged data medium to professionals, just as the cautious user of this external Verbatim disk did.

Medium: Verbatim External Disk 53194
Internal Disk: Toshiba MQ04ABF100
Capacity: 1 TB
Problem: Likely spontaneous failure of the read heads
Solution: Modification of service data, hardware modification of the disk
Result: Nearly perfect data recovery, minimal errors

Toshiba has been in the hard drive market for a long time, although it holds a minority share. Toshiba hard drives have their specifics, and sometimes different procedures are needed for their failures than for other brands. If everything is done professionally and correctly, the chances of successful data recovery are great, as in this case. If your hard drive or other data medium exhibits defects and contains valuable data, do not hesitate to contact us.