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Apple Data Recovery

We recover deleted or unavailable data from your MacBook, iPhone, iPad or any other Apple product.

Our long-term experience in the field of data recovery from Apple products allows us to offer customers assistance in data recovery and data rescue from any Apple product. If you are experiencing problems with your iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device, don't hesitate to contact us, our specialists will help you.

If you detect problems with your Apple device:

  • Turn off the device (computer, laptop, smartphone...).
  • Do not continue to use the device, do not switch it on (otherwise your data may be seriously damaged or overwritten).
  • Especially for mechanically damaged devices the above applies twice. Do not make unprofessional attempts to access data.
  • Take advantage of our FREE diagnostics.

Possible problems with MacBook or iMac

  • Data is unavailable, device does not boot.
  • Apple external drive cannot be mounted.
  • External disk not recognized.
  • Slow data access.
  • Only some data are unavailable, and the device is functioning normally.
  • Operating system reports a SMART disk error.
  • Disk partition deleted or formatted by mistake.
  • Hard disk encryption issues (not user-configured software encryption).
  • Problems with software disk encryption (FileVault).
  • Not an HFS or APFS partition, Apple does not want to work with the partition.

iPhone and iPad - Data recovery and data rescue

Recovery from iPhone and iPad can be more complicated than from computers. Our specialists follow the latest trends in data processing and strive to meet our customers' needs and help with data recovery, whatever the device.

Possible problems with iPhone or iPad

  • The device is not charging.
  • It freezes when turned on and only displays the Apple logo.
  • It does not work after contact with water.
  • Only horizontal lines are displayed.
  • The device has frozen in recovery mode.
  • Operating system upgrade failed.

Whatever the problem with your device, you can use our free diagnostics. And if you are far away from us or you don't have time, you can use the free pick-up facility.

Confirmation of a defect for your insurance company

Is your data insured? Before you confirm your order, we will provide you with a “fault report” to have your data rescue approved by your insurance company before you confirm your order.

Feel free to contact us for any initial diagnostic or data recovery

We will find the cause of any data loss and inform you of the chances of data recovery and its final price.

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