Sometimes the problem can be caused by a fall or impact without the user's knowledge. Clicking or other strange sounds from the drive indicate that the drive is unable to initialize correctly and attempts to do so several times before shutting down.

After a thorough visual inspection of the read heads and data platters, we proceeded to modify the disk's electronics (PCB). This model of WD hard drive from 2013 has relatively simple PCB (by today's standards), allowing it to be adapted for communication through different interfaces by various methods. After modifying the PCB, it was possible to initialize the hard drive by modifying its service data, and a partial binary copy was successfully created. It was then necessary to replace the read heads and complete the binary copy. Finally, the file system was checked and user data was restored.

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Sometimes the data recovery process from a drive with this type of failure is quite straightforward, while other times it is influenced by certain data platter errors, service data failures, or a combination of these problems.

External Drive: WD WDBUZG5000ABK
Internal Drive: WD500BMVW-11AJGS0
Problem: Spontaneous hard drive failure, data inaccessible
Solution: Drive modification, service data modification
Result: 100% data recovery

In this case, we achieved complete data recovery, with which the client was completely satisfied. It's a bit of luck in misfortune, as only the read heads failed, and if such a drive is handled by a professional, most or all data can usually be recovered. It can be worse with a drive that has suffered a fall or impact, but that is not the subject of this post. If your hard drive also fails, take advantage of our free diagnostics.