Additionally, the SSD was encrypted with BitLocker. After several modifications, we managed to create a binary copy of the medium, which we could then work with. Without the recovery key, BitLocker, which was active on the computer, could have posed an obstacle. A password alone may not always be enough to unlock the data. If the computer has an active cryptographic processor and the computer itself is no longer available or is severely damaged, data recovery may not be possible.

The user had the recovery key available, and after completing the binary copy, it was possible to unlock the encrypted partition and access the user data.

Medium: Western Digital SN530 SSD
Capacity: 256 GB
Problem: Spontaneous failure, data inaccessible
Solution: Creation of a binary copy, file system reconstruction
Result: 100% data recovered

SSDs are certainly not indestructible and infinitely reliable media, as users may sometimes believe. Their memory chips, firmware, controller, or electronics can fail. There are many possibilities for SSD failures and various scenarios for success or failure in data recovery from SSDs. If a similar problem has affected your computer's SSD, do not hesitate to contact us.