SATAFIRM S11 or SATABURN S11 is an error state that can occur in SSDs when there is a failure of the controller or firmware. The controller, together with the firmware, forms a crucial part of the SSD, which determines the way data is stored and read, ensures corrections and reallocations of data, manages wear leveling of memory blocks, and many other functions. It acts as an intermediary between the computer and the SSD memory chips. The controller communicates with the operating system, converts read and write requests, and controls access to individual SSD sectors or memory blocks. Without a properly functioning controller, user data cannot be accessed.

Reasons for controller failure

Controller failure in SSDs can be caused by various factors, such as poor component quality, component degradation over time - their aging, manufacturing defects, excessive temperatures, firmware errors, or voltage shocks. Failure can occur spontaneously or, for example, due to a firmware update error.

Diagnosis and data recovery

For diagnostic purposes, we use the PC-3000 Express or PC-3000 Portable products. Diagnosing an SSD with this type of failure is not complicated and can be done on a walk-in basis, upon agreement.

Data recovery itself requires accessing the so-called Safe Mode, which allows entering technological commands and working with SSD service data. In several steps, the SSD analysis takes into account the configuration of NAND memory chips and the controller, internal functions and procedures of the SSD, and many other factors.

A virtual translator must be created. The translator is an essential service module required for current SSDs, as well as for 20-year-old HDDs. The main function of the translator is to convert between logical addresses (LBA) and physical addresses (PBA), enabling communication between the operating system and the SSD itself. Without a translator, it is impossible to determine where the data is stored.

Some brands and models of SSDs that may be affected by this problem

Among the SSD models with the Phison PS3111 controller, which may be affected by the SATAFIRM S11 or SATABURN S11 issue, are Apacer AS340 or AS350, Gigabyte GSTFS31, GOODRAM CX300, GOODRAM S400U, GOODRAM IRDM, Lite-On MU3, Lite-On PH4, Lite-On PH6, Patriot Burst, Patriot Spark, Seagate One Touch, Silicon Power Slim S55 or S60, Silicon Power S56, Smartbuy Revival 2, or S11T. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and some brands may use this controller under their own designation.