A small stumble can mean big problems. The laptop is destroyed from the fall, which in this case did not mean data loss from the laptop itself. The laptop was equipped with an SSD, and we managed to recover the data from it. The flash drive was worse off, as it remained inserted in the USB port, and the laptop fell in such an unfortunate way that the flash drive ended up with a double fracture. In most cases, this means the end for such a data medium. The user attempted to solder and possibly even glue the flash drive. However, no such perfect glue exists.

Data medium: Unspecified brand and capacity flash drive
Problem: Mechanically damaged from a fall
Data recovery solution: None, data recovery is not possible

Today's flash drives and SD cards, which are technologically similar, achieve huge capacities of tens and hundreds of GB. In the miniature body of the data medium, there are several tens of billions of memory cells, each positively or negatively charged representing a 1 or 0 (simplified, not accounting for MLC, TLC, QLC technologies). In this way, bits (b), bytes (B), kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB), gigabytes (GB) are assembled in the binary system... In other words: user data. Even a small crack can cause fatal damage to the bonds between memory cells, causing them to lose their values and the memory chip to become completely unusable.

If your flash drive has failed for any reason and you need to recover data, do not hesitate to contact us.