As an illustrative example, I chose the Samsung ST1000LM024 disk, which arrived in a state where, from the user's perspective, it did nothing. This user did not belong to the group of daring ones who are willing to stake their data based on internet advice. They turned to us and did well. The disk suffered from a defect that, had the user tried to solve it themselves, they would have almost certainly lost their data.

Soft clicking from the depths of the disk - file recovery

The sharp ear of a curious user mentioned in the introduction can play a key role in this type of defect. The hard disk seemingly does nothing, but if you listen to it closely, a soft clicking sound comes from its depths. This can mean an electronics (PCB) error, motor failure (a rather rare defect), but most often it is a problem where the disk's read heads get "stuck to the surface of the data platters". It can be a consequence of a fall or a collision, sometimes this problem occurs as a result of material failure, i.e., a disk error itself.

After the read heads are released, their thorough inspection is essential. And here ends the possibilities that a user can manage on a living room table with the use of various tools. It is suitable to remove the read heads from the disk and check them under a microscope. The eye of an experienced data recovery specialist will reveal any problem with the read heads and instead of experiments, their replacement is the next step.

As you can see in the photo, the read heads are deformed. If the user started to recover data themselves, when the disk is turned on next time, it would lead to the destruction of the data platters and thus the irreversible loss of data. Fortunately, this did not happen and in the hands of a data recovery specialist, it was possible to recover the data with great success.

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