Capacities up to 16TB and use of helium for Exos; many of us would hardly include these parameters in the traditional hard disk category. However, mechanical heads are still writing to magnetic material layers and Seagate gives us a clear signal that in some market segments they still see the use of these drives, where SSDs are not yet able to compete with the price of 1GB at such high capacity.

Enterprise-class Seagate Exos drives will be particularly useful in hyperscale data centers and professional cloud storage where the amount of user data is increasing the storage capacity needs dynamically. In case of 16 TB, Seagate features a maximum capacity of up to 12.8 PB, which you can seal into one 42U rack. The Exos series will be available in both SAS and SATA versions, with capacities of 10-16 TB. SED (Self-Encrypting Drive) is commonplace nowadays.

Drives Seagate IronWolf Pro will be used in NAS (Network Attached Storage) solutions. Especially medium-sized companies will use their workload at up to 300 TB / year for their data storage, with the emphasis on transmission speed.

The latest innovation is the Seagate IronWolf serie, which is targeted at the use of smaller companies and home users, who are satisfied with the workload of the repository up to 180TB / year.

Both IronWolf and IronWolf Pro have AgileArray technology that delivers reliable operation while maintaining low vibration and consistent performance, as well as advanced power management and error-recovery management, which you'll appreciate more in NAS arrays.

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