When the drive was connected, the user's computer asked if they wanted to format the media. This can have various causes, and in the case of this drive, the failing surface of the data platters caused file system errors, making the data inaccessible to the user. At such a moment, the user should not experiment with the drive and should seek professional help.

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Data recovery from this Samsung drive (in an Adata enclosure) was accomplished by removing the drive from the external enclosure, backing up the service data, and creating a binary copy of the content via the SATA interface. Then it was necessary to reconstruct the file system. The drive was used in a Windows operating system with the NTFS file system. NTFS is more suitable for reconstructing the structure and files in such damage compared to ExFAT or FAT32. NTFS is a so-called journaling system and contains indexes that help with reconstruction. The data was thus successfully recovered from the drive, and errors affected only some directories and their structure - the original names were missing. However, this was not an obstacle for the client, and they were satisfied with the result.

Ext. Drive: Adata Superior SH93
Int. Drive: Samsung ST1000LM024, HN-M101MBB
Capacity: 1TB
Issue: Data platter surface errors, file system failure, computer wanted to format the drive
Solution: Binary copy, file system reconstruction
Result: Insignificant structure errors, almost all data recovered

The story of the data from this Adata drive ended well. Although the file structure was partially damaged, the vast majority of the data could be recovered. Not every story of a damaged hard drive ends with a relatively straightforward data recovery solution. The data platters can be more severely damaged. The magnetic heads of the drive may fail, or worse, the primary cause could be a drop or impact. In the event of a failure of any data medium containing important data, it is better to immediately entrust the case to professionals for assessment. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding data recovery from hard drives or other data media.