This type of defect does not spare even phones with higher degrees of protection, which the Samsung A32 does not have. A few moments spent under water can be critical for it and mean data loss for its owner. If an accident happens and the phone is water-damaged, do not delay unnecessarily. Old wives' tales with rice or flakes can actually worsen the problem. Not that rice accelerates oxidation, but it does not prevent it either, and waiting for a rice miracle gives oxidation room to cause more serious damage to the phone's motherboard. Other components can fail, of course, but they are replaceable. The motherboard is a key component of most modern mobiles because it contains data storage – eMMC or UFS memory chips.

The story of this Samsung was one of the more complicated ones, but with a happy ending. The phone had already passed through the hands of a regular mobile phone service, where they usually cannot deal with such extensive damage. Oxidation damaged the motherboard and its components, and the only possible way to attempt data recovery from the mobile was a complete assembly of the key components of the phone onto another motherboard.

People often mistakenly believe that there is some miraculous device that connects to the phone and recovers data from any damaged device. It does not exist. Data cannot be directly read from the memory chip, as it is permanently encrypted and one part of the key to it is made by the phone's processor. Unless you own a phone with Android version 7, respectively 5, or even 4.4 or lower at Samsung. In these versions of Android, encryption was not active at all or may not have been active. But that is not the case with any of the current phones, because these Android versions were in phones from around 2012 and older.

Device: Samsung A32.
Capacity: 64GB
Problem: Fell into water, cannot turn on, data inaccessible
Solution: Complete reconstruction of the motherboard
Result: 100% data recovered

After reconstructing the motherboard of this Samsung A32, it was possible to access user data. We conducted a complete backup of the device's memory content, and the customer was satisfied.

To avoid similar problems and save a significant amount on expenses, always have your data carefully backed up. By purchasing extended cloud storage for a few tens of crowns per month, you save yourself the trouble and even with the backup itself, because if set up correctly, it will happen automatically. However, if there is no backup and even your mobile helper is in trouble, do not hesitate to contact us.