The phone had multiple defects that were somewhat related to the user's attempt to revive the phone by replacing the display. Replacing the display itself is not a very complicated task, but because most modern mobile phones are glued together, preparing without proper equipment is complicated, and using inappropriate tools can be dangerous for other phone components. Once the phone is opened, its internal structure needs to be disassembled, which involves unscrewing. Even this is not difficult with the right equipment. A problem can arise if a different screw is used during reassembly. Apple, in particular, is known for using many types of screws within a single device. If a longer screw is substituted, mechanical damage to the motherboard can occur during tightening, turning a display replacement into an expensive data recovery from a mechanically damaged phone.

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The defect of this device was assessed by us as moderately severe. Data recovery from the mobile phone required invasive interventions into the motherboard, adjustment of the power section, and display replacement. Success was achieved, and all data was recovered, leaving the client satisfied.

Device: Huawei P20 Mobile Phone
Capacity: 64GB
Problem: Damaged motherboard, destroyed battery and display
Solution: Invasive interventions into the phone's motherboard, display replacement
Result: Data recovered from the mobile phone with 100% success

The data recovery from this Huawei phone is another example of how important it is to back up your data. In today's smartphones, which are mostly permanently connected to the internet, the data backup process can be fully automated using a cloud storage service. If you neglect data backup, you risk losing it. And if you already have a problem with your mobile or another data medium, do not hesitate to contact us for diagnostics and data recovery.